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What is the meaning of Big Government

What is the meaning of Big Government Free Online Research Papers Say what you will about our government, but arguably, there is no greater success story. We take many of the benefits of living in the United States of America for granted. Essentially, government mandates are proposed to ensure the safety of the citizenry. These are just a few of the more widely known programs: The Clean Air and Water programs, Occupational safety (OSHA), Drug and Food safety (FDA), Trade regulation (FTC), Banking Insurance (FICA), National Defense, National Weather Service, Employment Benefits , Retirement Benefits (SSI), Nutritional programs for needy people worldwide, Student financial Aid, National Parks and Recreation, Infrastructure, Scientific Research Funding, and Federal Investigations (FBI, CIA). Most programs are successful in their mission, providing a safety net to society. Some programs are not so successful, like the No Child Left Behind Act. Some argue our government is too large. Which programs should we do without? If government payrolls are cut who should lose their job? Where does that job go? If the job goes to the private sector isn’t it possible that job could be outsourced? It would be interesting to have someone from India collect your Federal Income Taxes over the phone. A person with a government job normally has a secure position, earns a good living wage to raise their family, and benefits if they get sick. On one hand; the â€Å"Conservative Right†, closely allied with the Republican Party, tout fiscal responsibility, religious principles, individual rights, and generosity toward industry. On the other hand, the â€Å"Liberal† Democratic Party doctrine touts that people be treated as equal in all arenas: politically, economically, and socially. It advocates the removal of economic inequalities among people. The Republican party normally refers to Democrats as being Big Government, Tax and Spend Liberals. The Republican criticism of Democratic governance is that the Democrats expound a government which has grown too large, corrupt or inefficient; or a government that oversteps its boundaries into public policy. Democrats counter that Big Business is unnecessarily involved in special legislation. Some argue that Big Government may not be the problem. The real problem may be government officials, from either party, who are courted by special interest groups to support deregulatory legislation; in exchange for campaign contributions. They infiltrate government programs and subvert the public interest. Below are some recent examples of big businesses who have received their favors at our expense: 1. Exxon Mobil made billions in profits, and yet paid not one dime in federal income taxes in 2009. 2. The 2005 energy bill had a little known provision, commonly called the Halliburton Loophole, which exempted natural gas drilling from the Clean Water Act. The result? Water so contaminated that you can light it on fire. This is called â€Å"Fracking.† 3. Massey Energy was cited more than 2400 times for safety violations in its mines, but chose not to fix potentially lethal problems because low penalties meant it was cheaper to simply keep paying the fines. This spring, 29 miners were killed in an underground explosion at a Massey mine in West Virginia. 4. Michael Taylor was the FDA official who approved the use of Monsantos Bovine Growth Hormone in dairy cows (even though its banned in most countries and linked to cancer). After approving it, he left the FDA- to work for Monsanto. Until last year, when he moved back to the government- as President Obamas Food Safety Czar. No joke. 5. Internal Toyota documents outline how the company was successful in limiting regulators actions in the recalls last year- saving hundreds of millions while the death toll continued to climb. 6. GE and its lobbyists- including 33 former government employees- have successfully lobbied Congress to override Defense Department requests to cancel a GE contract to work on a new engine for the Joint Strike Fighter jet. GE will need $2.9 billion to finish the project. 7. Top executives at 9 big banks including Citibank, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley paid themselves over $20 billion in bonuses just weeks after taxpayers bailed them out to the tune of $700 billion . 8. During the waning days of the Bush administration, officials responded to a long-term lobbying campaign by pre-empting product liability lawsuits for dozens of industries. They bypassed Congress entirely and rewrote rules ranging from seatbelt manufacturing regulations to prescription drug safety. 9. Sunscreen manufacturers including Johnson Johnson and Schering-Plough, in the interest of profits, are opposing an FDA proposal requiring full reporting on sunscreen labels. The New York Times just confirmed that current SPF ratings dont even measure sun rays that cause cancer. 10. BP- a company with a record of 760 drilling safety and environmental violations- was granted safety waivers in order to operate the deepwater drilling rig that ultimately created the worst environmental disaster in US history. A good solution is to be an activist not a pacifist, lobby for more transparency. Campaign reform has been talked about for years; without legislation in sight. The people may not have the money the special interests have; but we have all the strength we need in numbers! Instead of propagating confusion with stereotypical words (Big Government); we can conceptualize the facts and the nature of the arguments by using plain language that everyone understands. Legislation the population must live by is certainly legislation the business community must adhere to, without exceptions. If the money and favors were taken away, the public interest would be at the heart of our government. Until then, think wisely about who you do business with; are they consumer and environmentally friendly? Should you use Bank of America , or your local credit union. Is WalMart good for everyone? If we make government once again, â€Å"for the good of the people,† think about what a place we c ould hand down to our children! Sources: 1. BPs latest plan succeeding, but may make spill worse, Newsweek, June 2, 2010. 2. GE, Exxon Paid No U.S. Income Taxes in 2009, ABC News, April 6, 2010 3. Why is Dick Cheney Silent on the Oil Spill? Newsweek, June 10, 2010 4. Other Massey Mines Showed A Pattern Of Violations, NPR, April 13, 2010 5. Monsantos man Taylor returns to FDA in food-czar role, Grist, July 8, 2009 6. Toyota tried to cut costs on recalls, Los Angeles Times, February 22, 2010 7. GE vice chairman openly challenges Gates over F-35 fighter jet engine, The Hill, June 17, 2010 8. Bankers Reaped Lavish Bonuses During Bailouts, The New York Times, July 30, 2009 9. Bush Rule Changes Curtail Rights of States, Consumers, Wall Street Journal, October 15, 2008 10. UVA Reform: Its Not PDQ, The New York Times, June 23, 2010 11. BPs latest plan succeeding, but may make spill worse, Newsweek, June 2, 2010. Research Papers on What is the meaning of "Big Government"Quebec and CanadaTwilight of the UAWPETSTEL analysis of IndiaThe Effects of Illegal ImmigrationNever Been Kicked Out of a Place This NiceInfluences of Socio-Economic Status of Married MalesRelationship between Media Coverage and Social andGenetic EngineeringAssess the importance of Nationalism 1815-1850 Europe19 Century Society: A Deeply Divided Era

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What is the Sapir-Worf' Hypothesis How does Zizeks joke articulate Essay

What is the Sapir-Worf' Hypothesis How does Zizeks joke articulate this idea Can you provide examples from outside sources which also illustrate this idea - Essay Example The hypothesis’ seemingly simple characterization of our thought process in relation to culture and vice versa has been meet with various criticisms for the very same reason that it’s simplistic. Researchers developed two main frameworks that are embedded in the concept. These are (1) linguistic determinism and (2) linguistic relativism. These two primary views sparked debates among linguists, academicians and have even spread to other realms such as psychoanalysis and the like. The first idea espouses that the language you speak determines the way that you will interpret the world. It is essentially considered to be a form of determinism because many, if not all, cognitive processes are directly affected by the extent of language that we know or lack. In this sense, thought is highly dependent upon the kind of language one acquires. The second framework in Sapir-Whorf’s theory is an extension of the first proposition. But while the first is absolute by virtue of determinism, the second frame of thought takes the stand of relativism; hence called linguistic relativity. This could simple be understood as the ability of people who are speaking differently consequentially sees and interprets the world differently too. To further illustrate, a renowned joke had been circulated to exemplify the Sapir-Whorf’s theory. The joke goes like this: â€Å"A Czech worker is transferred to Siberia. He knows that when he will write letters from Siberia to his friends at home they will be read by the censors and so he tells his friends : "Lets establish a code: if a letter you receive from me is written in normal blue ink, its true; if it is written in red ink, its false." After a month, his friends receive a letter written in blue ink: "Everything is great here in Siberia: the shops are full, there is plenty of food, there are great

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Ethics in the Healthcare Setting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ethics in the Healthcare Setting - Essay Example Mr. Robinson is not wrong in administering the medication because the real intent of administering the medication is to relieve patient from immense pain, even though he is known to the fact that the medicine might speed the death of the patient. Patients believe death or assisted suicide is a treatment for controlling the symptom of pain, but health care professional do not need to perceive assisted suicide as an alternative, rather they can treat the health conditions experienced by patients through different ways (Abrahm, 2000, p.325). American Nurses Association states that nurses should look for ways to help relax the symptoms experienced by patients before death such as extreme pain although these methods of relieving can result in hastening of the death process of a patient. Therefore, Dr. Robinson should exercise the administration of the drug on Mr. Mills to help relax his pain even if his life has a threat to become shorter due to this activity (ANA, 1985, p.4). According to Judith Schwarz, health care practitioners such as physicians and nurses may take advantage of the double effect reasoning to save themselves from legal issues. Schwarz even stated that the use of morphine might be conducted with intention of assisting patients in suicide but during inquiry, practitioners state that they used the medicine with the intention of decreasing pain and not with the intention of assisting patients in committing suicide (Schwarz, 2007). According to the consequentialism, the most important aspect of any decision is the outcome of that decision (Duncan, 2010, p.46) . The theory further states that while conducting an act, an individual should have the intention of maximizing those outcomes that are morally important. For example if the aim of conducting an act is to maximize happiness, the use of morphine drug is correct, this is because the drug with maximize

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Accounting for the IPhone Essay Example for Free

Accounting for the IPhone Essay 1. Compare the GAAP and Non-GAAP data and discuss their impact on the financial statements. In comparing data, when Apple reported its Q4 FY 2008 financial results on October 21, 2008, it reported both GAAP and Non-GAAP economic data. Under GAAP, Apple reported quarterly revenue of $7.9 billion and net profit of $1.1 billion. Under Non-GAAP, revenues amounted to $11.7 billion and net profit totaled $2.4 billion. The difference between GAAP and Non-GAAP revenues and net profit were $3.8 billion and $1.3 billion respectively. Needless to say, such a large difference will have a huge impact on the income statement and balance sheet. Both financial statements would be greatly understated. Apple reported both GAAP and Non-GAAP financial data because of this large difference and they felt that the GAAP data did not correctly portray Apples financial statements. 2. Which method best reflects the economic reality? I believe both GAAP and Non-GAAP accurately reflect Apples economic reality. Each method just simply presents Apples financial data in a different way. Under GAAP, revenue from iPhone is deferred and is recognized on a straight line basis over a 24 month period. This type of subscription accounting is required because Apple chose to give future, free software upgrades with the iPhone. GAAP requires this to prevent companies from trying to over-inflate revenues by increasing sales with the promise of a free incentive in the future then not delivering on the promise. See more: Sleep Deprivation Problem Solution Speech Essay Under GAAP, the huge increase in iPhone sales is represented in the deferred revenue accounts and the cash from operating activities on the statement of cash flows. Apples non-GAAP statements recognize revenue from iPhone sales immediately, instead of in a deferred account, and is represented by the increase in revenue and net profit. To investors, the non-GAAP statements are more impressive because of the large increase in revenue and net profit. However, the truth of the matter is that both methods present the same information but in different accounts and at different times.

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A Comparison of Heart of Darkness and The Secret Agent Essay -- compar

A Comparison of Heart of Darkness and The Secret Agent      Ã‚  Ã‚   This essay consists of two separate parts but the intention is that both these parts will prove to be relevant from the point of view of what this essay sets out to study. The first part will present Joseph Conrad's life and some of his works and the latter part will consist of a comparison of two of Conrad's works, Heart of Darkness and The Secret Agent. In this essay I will begin from two assumptions, namely, that both the works mentioned above include clearly identifiable similarities in their narration, theme and method, and, that Conrad's own experiences and views have had great effect on both works.    The method of this essay is firstly to discuss Conrad's life and then to try to find out what kind of similarities and differences Heart of Darkness and The Secret Agent contain and also to try to discover how Conrad's own experiences relate to these works ( and his other works in general). I will also try to relate Conrad's works to some other writers' styles whenever I am capable of doing so despite of my poor knowledge of Conrad's contemporaries and despite of the fact that I was unable to get hold of such works as Conrad and His Contemporaries which surely would have been useful. My sources for carrying out this task are Conrad himself, his critics and my own opinions/interpretations of the two works by Conrad.       Joseph Conrad    In dealing with the life of Joseph Conrad I will focus on the period before he settled in England and started his actual writing career and so I will not present his life after his trip to the Congo and nor will I deal with how it affected him afterwards. I take this approach simply because in my opinio... ...r to be able to understand what is happening.    In conclusion, both The Secret Agent and Heart of Darkness are loosely based on reality; the former on a historical incident and the latter on Conrad's experiences of Congo. Both works have surprisingly much in common and, in my opinion, are also great works of art.    Works Cited    Conrad, Joseph. Heart of Darkness. 1902. New York: Dover Publications Inc., 1990.    Conrad, Joseph. The Secret Agent (1907)   New York: Dover Publications Inc., 1990.    Fleishman, Avrom. Condrad's Politics: Community and Anarchy in the Fiction of   Joseph Conrad. Baltimore, Maryland: The Johns Hopkins Press, 1967.    O'Prey, Paul. 'Introduction', 'Heart of Darkness'. (Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1983).    Warner, Oliver Joseph Conrad Longmans, Green and Co., London, New York, Toronto. 1950.   

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Racism in America Essay

Reconstruction By: 9/9/2013 1. Columbian historian Eric Foner (1983) quotes W. E. B. Dubois in calling reconstruction a â€Å"splendid failure (p.16).† After studying the events of late 19th century, defend whether or not you agree with his position. What are the long-term implications? In my opinion the one of the largest mistakes that was made was the amount of racism that still continued in America. Still to this day there is a large amount of racism in America, the only difference is it is not just between white and blacks. When it comes to racism for some reason it seems all races and all people can’t just get along. Growing up in the south I have seen this first hand. The problem is now if there is any kinds of disagreement between races it is blown way out of proportion. A small example would be the Travon Martin case. This case should of not had half of the publicity it did, but because it was a crime that was white on black people took it as a hate crime. The problem in my opinion is it w as not even white on black and half of America still seems to think it was. When people get something in there heads they are going to put their own â€Å"twist† on what they think happened and it will cause things to get out of hand. I believe the Emancipation Proclamation was intended to be the right step in fixing a problem. The problem still existed because even when it comes to law officials there is racism to this day. I have seen police officers that treat people that are not the same race as them differently because that is the way they were raised. That to me is something that is unacceptable, if you are a police officer or a person in a similar position and they still are using race to make decisions it creates more problems in the first place. On the other side some people attempt to use their race to benefit themselves because they are a minority. I went to school with a young African American that was picked on because of the color of his skin, he was new to our school and was moved into our school because his school was flooded when a hurricane came and flooded his school. Some students saw a chance to pick on someone because they were different, they talk, look, and act different than others. I saw this happening and became friends with him because I do not believe in this at all. Another student  that came in wanted to play sports and thought he was the best player on the field. He did not make the team and he filed a complaint with the state of North Carolina saying the reason he did not make the team was because of his race. He was then transferred from our school to be given a chance to play somewhere else. To me this was someone trying to take advantage of their race in a negative way simply because the student did not get his way to begin with. 4. Identify one significant leader in the Populist movement and give a brief synopsis of this person’s contributions, failures, and successes in bringing about the ideas of populism â€Å"In 1890 Populists won control of the Kansas state legislature, and Kansan William Peffer became the party’s first U.S. Senator. Peffer, with his long white beard, was a humorous figure to many Eastern journalists and politicians, who saw little evidence of Populism in their states and often treated the party as a joke† (â€Å"1890†, 2000). Western and Southern Populists gained a large amount of support even though the other parties felt this way. Populists presidential candidate, James B. Weaver actually was able to win over one million votes. Because of fraud, intimidation, and violence by the Southern Democrats the party still failed to make any further gains. One of the largest pieces of success was the party being officially founded because of the merger of the Farmers’ Alliance and the Knights of Labor. Because of all the negative things going on because of the Democrat and Republicans all going against the Populist party it made it very hard to continue this party and keep it functioning. â€Å"Two main factions had appeared. One, the fusion Populists, sought to merge with the Democrats, using the threat of independent organization to force changes in the major party’s platform. The Populist organization in Kansas had already â€Å"fused†Ã¢â‚¬â€œover the bitter protest of those who considered this a sell-out. Fusionists argued that the regionally based third party could never hold national power; the best strategy was to influence a major party that could† (â€Å"1890†, 2000). The Second faction was called â€Å"mid-roaders† and suspected that Democratic leaders wanted to destroy the third-party threat. The Populists party also wanted to schedule the national convention before the Republican and Democrats were able to hold theirs. This would be a fight that was lost and they would have to hold their meeting after the major-party meetings. In my opinion the larger parties where using their size and power to make it very difficult for the Populists party to stay in tact and eventually got what they wanted when it was done away with. The Populists began serving more as a symbol for the Republicans and their nomination that the Populists put through would even begin to ignore the party even though they were the ones who nominated him. Reference 1890. (2000). Retrieved from

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The Issue Of Women s Equality - 1347 Words

In the past 50 years, women have gained much more equality in America. That progress was a necessary step for our modern nation, but such a big change has been a factor in the breakdown of our nation s families. In the past 50 years, divorce rates have more than doubled. In the present day, it is just as likely that a married couple will divorce as it is that they will stay together (Marriage and Divorce). The push for women s equality has been a factor in the breakdown of the American family by increasing women s individuality, complicating family decisions, and moving women into the workforce. Although the idea of females being individuals is true and logical, it has caused an imbalance and disconnect in American families. Women s†¦show more content†¦Those roles do not need to be held by the traditional gender, but their presence is vital. For example, my friend comes from a family where the father is the disciplinarian, handyman, and worker of the family, while the mother does not fulfill the other needed roles such as being a nurturer, organizer, or forgiver. In that family, the husband assumes traditional gender roles while the woman does not, so there are traits missing from the group. If you put their family on the scale mentioned above, they would be unstable and fall much to the man s side. In reality, also, they are very unstable and have separated many times because of that imbalance. The individuality that women have gained has also caused them to be more focused on themselves than the family as a whole. Females have gained a sense of individuality and uniqueness, so they want to be able to pursue their own wants. Traditionally, the man was the only one able to go after his wants, and many men still do. When only one parent focused on themselves, the family could still be stable. Now, both sexes are viewed as individuals who can pursue their goals. Just because women can now do that, doesn t mean that men have stopped. In moderation, parents having individual goals and journies is healthy and helps families be content, but when both parents are seeking that, it easily gets out of hand and causes a disconnect within families. The family